The Annual Nautilus Boat Insurance Interclub Tournament

The Nautilus Boat Insurance Interclub Tournament has been running for the better part of 50 years. Hundreds of fishing vessels compete in the fishing competition every year.

Port Stephens is well known among fishing enthusiasts, and when the vessels head out into the ocean, they have always returned with a story to tell. The tournament is both nationally and internationally recognized for the excellent sport and entertainment that it provides.

The event is always buzzing with spectators and fishing hobbyists. It welcomes thousands of tourists annually from many different parts of the world. The tournament recently held its 50th anniversary. Many things have changed since the establishment of the competition, but the passion for the sport has remained.

The boats, equipment, and gear being used today are much more advanced than they were at the beginning of the competition. Anglers are always eager to test the latest technology out into the waters to challenge competitors and to make a catch that is memorable.

The waters here offer participants in the competition the chance to catch enormous fish like the amazing marlin and sailfish. Luckily, most of the fish being caught are tagged and released.

The competitors are only allowed to bring a few specimens to shore for the ceremonious weigh-in, which is held on the Nelson Bay Foreshore. The weigh-in always has spectators holding their breath to see if a new record has been broken.

The tournament welcomes a gathering of professional game fishermen. The prestigious competition has many sponsors, and some media channels broadcast the event live. The 50th-anniversary celebration was sponsored by corporate entities.

Fishing is a popular pastime in Australia, and hobbyists are always looking for a competition where they can test out their skills.

Considering how many people pitch up to this event annually, it is easy to see why the Nautilus Boat Insurance Interclub Tournament is one of the best fishing competitions in the world. Write to us if you have a story or fishing adventure to share.