5 Top-Notch Fishing Spots in Australia

Tourists and citizens of Australia are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a good fishing spot. There are countless famous fishing spots all around the country. Some of the following fishing locations are famed for record-breaking catches.

Exmouth, Western Australia

This coast is a popular fishing spot for anglers who are looking for blue, black, and striped marlin, sailfish, swordfish, and short-billed spearfish. Some fishermen tell stories of having fish on their lines for days, and others share how they battled with monstrous fish. Tourists always return to these waters for a chance to catch big fish.

Port Lincoln, South Australia

Port Lincoln has several beach and rock fishing spots from which to choose. There are charters and tours available, and tourists can even learn about catching seafood. Visitors can also watch how chefs prepare freshly caught fish. Charter services are also operational alongside the coast for tourists who want to go on a fishing adventure.

Lakes Entrance, Victoria

This location features an extensive network of inland waterways. There are an almost limitless number of fishing spots in the area. The waters here are abundant with species like salmon, luderick, tailor, bream, flathead, mulloway, whiting, and perch.

Darwin, Northern Territory

This is a seasonal fishing spot for professional anglers. Most people head here during the run-off season between February and May, and the best catches seem to happen between March and April. This is also a popular time of year for tourism.

Cairns, Queensland

This fishing spot is known for a variety of trophy fish. Deepsea fishing enthusiasts have shattered many records by fishing along this coastline. The waters off the coast of the Cairns are abundant with fish like barracuda, trevally, sailfish, and the Spanish mackerel.

When you are travelling along the coast of Australia, you are almost guaranteed to find a suitable place to do some recreational fishing. Get all the fishing equipment you need and find the fishing spot of your dreams. Read our story for more details about fishing in Australia.